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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2007 Fresh Olive Crop

Great Fresh Olive Crop for 2007!!

The 2007 fresh olive crop is coming along nicely. We intend to keep fresh olive prices as low as they were in 2005. This will help as shipping fees have increased.

We started taking orders on September 10, 2007. The orders for green fresh olives ended 10-21-07. Fresh black olives may be ready in early November. The availability of the different types and sizes is always dependent on variables not always in our control, such as weather. But we will do our best to have the most current information posted on our website. Check the Fresh Olive web page , to see if the online order form is active. The order form for each of the different varieties will be enabled as each becomes available, and will later be disabled when we run out or the season ends.

Each year we get more customers interested in home curing their own olives, so if you are really interested, please don't wait too long to order.

Monday, June 19, 2006

2006 Crop of Fresh Olives

2006 Crop Update, September 6th.. The olives bloomed almost one month later than normal due to weather. We now expect that will mean the first harvest shipping will start about September 20th. The late bloom and rain have resulted in a crop of less volume & smaller fruit size than last year. The Lucques crop will be very short, so if you want these unique olives for curing, place your order as soon as possible (after Sept. 20th.) There will also be none of the "Colossal" sized Sevillanos this year, just "Jumbo", "Extra Large" and "Large".

So don't wait till the last minute to order. Prices will be slightly higher than last years'. Check in at our sales site at for the estimated price per box.

You can also check the post for last years crop and you might find answers similar to your own about the curing processes and the answers posted last year by myself, Maurice Penna.

On our website you can also check to see what the prices last year for the different varieties were.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

2005 Crop of Fresh Olives

The 2005 crop for fresh olives has been slightly delayed because of the extended period of cool weather we've experienced in Orland, California. As the crop develops in the next few weeks we will have pictures available and estimates for harvest times. The crop is developing normally.

Last year we offered Sevillano and Manzanilla. We plan to offer a new variety of olive this year, the Lucques olive.

To order fresh olives during the season of availability, please go to

We have just posted a lye cure process today, 9-23-05.

Please come back for an ongoing discussion of fresh olives and how to cure them.

For information about the 2006 crop, please go to the new post: